31 October 2007, WINNER demonstration at the WRC2007 in Geneva

Very high interest from participants all over the world, participating at the current running World Radio Conference 2007, was shown to the UMTS-forum booth and the WINNER demonstration: we had more than 200 interested people at our booth, from more than 100 countries! Among these we could welcome management people from France Telecom, Vodafone, Telenor, and Ericsson who showed detailed interest in the newest products (HSPA, mobileTV) as well as in the research activities done in WINNER. The WINNER initiative got especially support from some African countries, as they are quite keen to get broadband access to the Internet - via wireless technologies.


July 2007

The WINNER demonstrator was shown at the WWRF-meeting in Helsinki as well as at the IST Mobile&Wireless Summit in Budapest, with great success! The very helpful discussion on expert level will inspire the further development of this platform showing basic functionalities of the WINNER system concept.


6-7 November 2006, Kolkata, India, Euro-India Workshop

The workshop was organized and headed by Prof. Ramjee Prasad, CTIF, Aalborg University, Denmark. The aim was to start and intensify concentrated and coordinated research on mobile communication in India. Therefore the IT-minister of West Bengal, as well as some other politicians presented basic market and status figures of India, and additionally some singular research people of universities and research institutes gave an insight into the current status of research work in India.

A major highlight was surely the foundation and inauguration of WIP, the Wireless Innovation Platform, initiated by Prof. Prasad, established together with the Chief Minister of West Bengal in a press conference on Monday evening. The basic idea of this initiative is to focus on a the strategy for research work on mobile communication in India.  

The European research project are known to some experts, and especially WINNER was approached by one Professor from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras on conditions, how to join. 

WINNER gave three presentations: one general overview, one on interference management and one on mobility management.


19-20 October 2006, Berlin, Germany, MMC06 Workshop

The MMC (Multiradio Multimedia Communications)-workshop was organized by the HHI in Berlin from Oct. 19-20, 2006. WINNER was invited to present the current project status with respect to new RAN-concepts.

This conference was mainly focusing on the future of mobile TV, which has been launched in Europe, Asia and the US in 2006 as an attractive new service. Especially during the world championship in Germany a comprehensive trial was operated by 4 operators in Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Bonn to get early feedback on user behaviour and user experience. The service is already country-wide available in Finland and in Italy.

Mobile TV is currently a topic of highest interest for consumer electronics and mobile communication. Several systems like DMB, DVB-H and UMTS/MBMS are competing for this new service. The DXB project with its partners IRT, Siemens, Sony, T-Systems and Vodafone, which is co-ordinated bei Fraunhofer HHI, has developed a proposal, which harmonizes these different systems by introducing a common Internet Protocol (IP) layer. As a result, the DXB consortium proposes an extended DAB system (eDAB), which offers the highest degree of commonalities with DVB-H and MBMS.

For more information, please see http://mmc06.hhi.de/presentations.html


6 October 2006

The Wireless World Initiative (WWI) is inviting to a Symposium which takes place in conjunction with the IST 2006 event in Helsinki, Finland. Please read more on the dedicated website: http://www.wireless-world-initiative.org »


Myconos, 4 - 8 June 2006

IST Mobile&Wireless summit: over 600 research experts joined this big event at a very nice environment in Myconos. Over 170 presentations on the newest research results, surrounded by about 180 poster session and some sessions on special topics showed an excellent overview on the current work in the mobile&wireless arena. At the WWI-tutorial on Sunday 4, the very interested audience gave some very good feedback as well as questions back to the individual projects in WWI.


As the 7th Frame Work Programme is getting closer to reality, some special session were assigned to related topics. Joao da Silva, director of Network and Communication Technologies at the EU-Commission, made a challenging statement during the opening ceremony: "Don't think linear, think exponentially! Disruptive thinking must become a permanent state of mind!" This statements were clearly addressing the future research work to strengthen the European competence position in mobile and wireless communication. Encompassed by a very professional organisation of the whole event, the social events especially offered manyfold opportunities to find new or polish up already existing contacts in a very relaxing environment. More about the IST Summit »


Paris, 9 December 2005

Paris was for one week the center for wireless research: the second WWI-Symposium (during December 6-7) and the 15. WWRF-meeting (on December 8-9) were attended by a very good representation of experts in this area. Excellently organised by the host, France Telecom, one could get detailed insights into all areas of wireless research activities especially in Europe, but also worldwide perspectives were presented during these days.

more http://www.wireless-world-research.org »


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