WINNER+ Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables produced within WINNER+ (April 2008 - June 2010). Delivery month refers to the start of the project in April 2008.

The nature of the deliverable is described using one of the following codes:

R = Report
D = Demonstrator

The dissemination level is described using one of the following codes:
PU = Public
RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services)


 Del. Deliverable


D1.1 Initial Report on Advanced Radio Resource Management PU R Jan 2009
D1.2 Initial Report on System Aspects of Flexible Spectrum Use PU R Jan 2009
D1.3 Innovative concepts in Peer-to-Peer and Network Coding PU R Jan 2009
D1.4 Initial Report on Advanced Multiple Antenna Systems PU R Jan 2009
D2.1 Preliminary WINNER+ System Concept PU R May 2009
D3.1 IMT-Advanced: requirements and evaluation criteria PU R May 2009
D3.2 Aspects of WINNER+ Spectrum Preferences PU R May 2009
D4.1 Results of Year 1 proposed candidate proof-of-concept evaluation PU R February 2009
D1.5 Intermediate Report on System Aspect of Advanced RRM PU R November 2009
D1.6 Intermediate report on system aspects of flexible spectrum use PU R November 2009
D1.7 Intermediate Report on Advanced Antenna Schemes PU R November 2009
D1.8 Intermediate Report on CoMP (Coordinated Multi-Point) and Relaying in the Framework of CoMP PU R November 2009
D5.1 WINNER+ Interim Trials Results PU R November 2009
D3.3 Strategies and technologies for spectrum utilisation and sharing aspects of IMT PU R March 2010
D1.9 Final Innovation Report PU R April 2010
D2.2 Enabling Techniques for LTE-A and beyond PU R June 2010
D4.2 Final conclusions on end-to-end performance and sensitivity analysis PU R June 2010
D5.2 WINNER+ Final Trials Results PU R June 2010
D5.3 WINNER+ Final Channel Models PU R June 2010


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