WINNER I - Public Deliverables

Public Deliverables produced within WINNER. Delivery month refers to the start of the project in January 2004.


 Del. Deliverable Title Delivery Month
D1.1 First Economic and Technical Evaluations per Scenario 06
D1.2 Intermediate requirements per scenario 06
D1.3 Usage Scenarios 18
D1.4 User Requirements 21
D2.1 Identification of Radio-link technologies 06
D2.2 Feasibility of multi-bandwidth transmissions 10
D2.3 Assessment of Radio-link technologies 14
D2.4 Assessment of adaptive transmissions for broadband RI 14
D2.5 Duplex arrangements for future broadband radio interface 10
D2.6 Assessment of multiple-access technologies 10
D2.7 Assessment of advanced beam forming and MIMO technologies 14
D2.10 Final report on identified key radio interface technologies, system concepts and their assessment 24
D3.1 Description of identified new relay based radio network deployment concepts and first assessment by comparison against benchmarks of well known deployment concepts using enhanced radio interface technologies 10
D3.2 Description of deployment concepts for future radio scenarios integrating different relaying technologies in a cellular infrastructure including definition, assessment and perofrmance comparison of RAN protocols for relay based systems 14
D3.4 Definition and assessment of relay based cellular deployment concepts for future radio scenarios considering 1st protocol characteristics 18
D3.5 Proposal of the best suited deployment concepts for the identified scenarios and related RAN protocols 24
D4.1 Identification and definition of cooperation schemes between RANs - first draft 06
D4.2 Impact of cooperation schemes between RANs (incl. complexity estimate) - first draft 14
D4.3 Identification, definition and assessment of cooperation schemes between RANs - final deliverable 18
D4.4 Impact of cooperation schemes between RAN - final deliverable 23
D4.5 Assessment of cooperation schemes in system context 24
D5.1 A set of channel and propagation models for early link and system level simulations 08
D5.2 Determination of propagation scenarios 06
D5.4 Final report on link level and system level channel models 21
D6.1 WINNER Spectrum Aspects: Methods for efficient sharing, flexible spectrum use and coexistence 10
D6.2 Methodology for estimating the spectrum requirements for "further developments of IMT-2000 and systems beyond IMT-2000" 12
D6.3 WINNER Spectrum Aspects: Assessment report 24
D6.4 Spectrum requirements for WINNER System Concepts 24
D6.5 Spectrum Requirements for "Further Developments of IMT-2000 and Systems beyond IMT-2000" 24
D7.1 System Requirements 06
D7.2 System Assessment Criteria Specification 06
D7.4 Input to Standardisation and Regulation Activities 18
D7.6 WINNER System Concept Description 21
D7.7 WINNER System Concept Complexity Estimates 24
D7.8 WINNER Performance Assessment of the System Concept 24
D7.9 Wireless World Validation Plan (Cross Issue "Validation") 24
D8.1 Project Presentation 3
D8.7 Report on the Gender Action Plan 24
D8.8 Report on raising public participation and awareness 24


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