3GPP Spatial Channel Model Extended (SCME)


Here you find the source code of a MATLAB implementation of the Interim Channel Model for Beyond-3G Systems, denoted SCME as it is an extension to the 3GPP Spatial Channel Model (SCM) [1]. It was published as

[2] D. S. Baum, J. Salo, G. Del Galdo, M. Milojevic, P. Kyösti, and J. Hansen, “An interim channel model for beyond-3G systems,” in Proc. IEEE VTC’05, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2005.

Note that this SCM extension is not associated with the 3GPP working group. It was developed in Workpackage 5 (WP5) of WINNER of the European Union's Framework Programme 6. Note that SCME is different to the WINNER interim (WIMi) or final channel model (WIM) which correspond to the WINNER deliverables D5.3 (and D5.4 due in Sep 05), respectively.

The code is an extension of the implementation of the 3GPP Spatial Channel Model (SCM) above. The code was also developed in WP5 of WINNER.

The software was developed for MATLAB 6.5.0 (R13). Older MATLAB versions may cause unexpected problems. Certain optional ANSI-C functions require GNU Scientific Library (GSL), but the program can also be used without it.



The SCME contains the following additional features compared to the basic SCM:

  • Intra-cluster delay-spread
  • 5 GHz path-loss model
  • Line-of-sight (LOS) and K-factor model for all scenarios
  • Time-variant shadow fading
  • Time-variant angles and delays
  • Reduced-variability TDL model
  • NOTE: The current version of the code implements the IB3G channel model as described in [2], except for a small simplification in Section III.C.2.a (Drifting of Path Delays and Angles).


The program package contains the basic SCM code from above including its documentation. A separate document included describes the new features and their handling.

The current version of the package is 1.0. It was released May 30, 2005. You can download the code and the documentation from the following link.

Source: scme-2005-05-30.zip

If you use the code, or its modified version, in your scientific work you can use the following citation (the actual report is included in the above distribution package):

D. S. Baum, J. Salo, M. Milojevic, P. Kyösti, and J. Hansen, “MATLAB implementation of the interim channel model for beyond-3G systems (SCME),” May 2005. [Online]. Available: http://www.tkk.fi/en/research/rf_applications_in_mobile_communication/radio_channel/scm.html/


The SCM implementation is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Basically, you can use it for any purpose, provided that any programs or modifications you make and distribute are also licensed under the GNU GPL.

Absolutely no guarantees or warranties are made concerning the suitability, correctness, or any other aspect of these computation routines.

Copyright © 2005 Authors.



The SCME implementation was mainly written by Daniel Baum (ETH Zürich, Switzerland), Jari Salo (TKK, Finland), Marko Milojevic (TUI, Germany), Pekka Kyösti (Elektrobit, Finland), and Jan Hansen (ETH Zürich, Switzerland). "


For bug-fixes and feedback, please contact any of the authors.


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