Planned TIGER2 events

CELTIC TIGER2 organizes several events in order to disseminate the TIGER2 vision on future networks and the research results.

Workshops and Summer School

The TIGER2 Workshops are organized to present the vision and results in a concerted way. The Workshops are co-located with conferenences or other summer-schools in order to increase the impact of the event

Past events

Girona, June 2009 - TIGER2 Workshop colocated with WGN8

Girona, July 2010 - TIGER2 Workshop colocated with WGN9

Budapest, September 2010 - BONE-TIGER2 Summer School

Forthcoming/Planned events

Paris, February 2011 - TIGER2 Project Final Review

Demonstration Events

The TIGER2 demonstration events offer a possibility for a larger audience to have an insight into the autonomic management and control mechanisms developed during the project.

Past events

Alcatel internal, October 2009

Future Network & Mobile Summit 2010, public, June 2010

Forthcoming/Planned events

CELTIC-Plus Event 2011, public, March 2011




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