P4P Application Based Open Source


PABlOS project

The main objective of PABIOS project is the development of a P4P platform directed to e-Learning. For this task, the biggest number of opensource components will be used. The application will permit the platform use offering:

  • e-Learning services:
    • Course subscriptions, access to contents, content publication...
    • An e-Learning server will be opened out for e-Learning management.
    • Contents will be able to be distributed between the different nodes that use the P4P client application.
  • P2P communication services, that is, without the necessity of a server:
    • Instantaneous messenger, audioconference, videoconference, shared blackboard...
    • Tool users will see the connection state and will be able to establish different sessions with partners from the same course they are subscribed to.

Integrated PABIOS Infrastructure

Financiado por el Ministerio de Industria, comercio y turismo mediante el Programa Nacional de Tecnologías de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información - prioridades temáticas multidisciplinares (E-negocio, E-pyme, E-formación, E-administración, E-hogar).