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Judith Rossebo (Telenor)

ETSI TISPAN WG7 (Security) chair

Scott Cadzow (C3l)


" ....The work of the Bugyo project fits to the work we are undertaking in ETSI by extending assurance from standards, through products and into real time feedback of the security state thus giving both the pre-purchase measure of assurance and the real-time status of that assurance when under attack."

“77% of sites with certified commercial firewalls ...

are still vulnerable to attacks due to mis-configuration or improper deployment.”

Source: ICSA

Information Security will continue to evolve and with that evolution, new demands ...

on monitoring this effectiveness will become more important. Organizations need to continue assessing their information security effectiveness. the trend of 2008 will be around proactive, continuous monitoring of information security functions and controls. Security information management will become more important, as a way not only to collect information, but also to report on it. Security dashboards will start to become more prevalent as organisations look to improve upon the reporting of the security position to executive leadership and the business.

Source: Ernst & Young, 10th Annual Information Security Survey

Public results of the project.

(Picture taken during European Parliament Eureka Event)

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